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Increase staff happiness and improve productivity by putting plants in the office.

Green leaves and colourful flowers have long been symbols of health and happiness. By bringing a bit of nature from outside in to the office you can substantially improve your working environment. Benefits of office plants include:

1. All plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, leaving us more oxygen to breathe. They also suck up harmful emissions from modern office equipment such as computers, monitors and printers.

2. Plants produce oxygen, this helps the workforce stay more alert, work more efficiently and increases productivity.

3. Plants increase the moisture content in the air. Preventing tickly coughs and dry skin.

4. We are less stressed in a greener, more natural environment. Less stress means more happy workers and a happier working environment, so more work gets done. Not all plants are suited to life in an office, contact Arboreta today and we can visit your workplace and provide a free quote.

Plants can help Reduce Sick Building Syndrome
A key study was carried out at the offices of the Norwegian State Oil Company by Tøve Fjeld. They examined the effect of indoor plants on health and discomfort among a group of office workers. Data about 12 different symptoms were collected, including fatigue, headache, dry facial skin and dry skin on the hands, coughing, eye irritation. After this time, half of the group were provided with a selection of common interior plants and half had none. Over three months, considerably fewer health problems were reported by those people with plants. Fatigue and headache fell by 30% and 20% respectively, hoarseness and a dry throat fell by around 30%, coughing by around 40% and dry facial skin fell by around 25%.

One of the benefits of interior plants is that they help cool the air around them through the process of evapotranspiration (the movement of water from the soil, through the plant and into the atmosphere). This is especially effective in tall buildings where atrium planting can certainly help with temperature regulation.

Help to reduce indoor pollution
Research carried out in the USA has demonstrated that plants attract more than their fair share of dust. Particulate levels (including airborne spores) can be reduced by as much as 20% in some situations. This could lead to a reduction in the use of air cleaners (although not their replacement) and an improvement in indoor air quality. There is also a body of recent research from the USA that shows that interior plants are effective at removing a range of pollutants at relatively low planting densities in real office situations.